Saturday, December 12, 2009

Maligayan Pasko at Manigong Bagong Taon(MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!)

hi guys! am taking this opportunity to greet everybody a merry, merry christmas and a happy new year. not much activity in this blog practically the whole year and this "ina-tay" thing really has kept me super, super busy. anyway, i promise to post more frequently next year, i just hope that my schedules would really give me the time to do so. let me just share with you some of my blessings this year: with all the things that i've been through this year, i still can say that i am still blessed in a lot of ways. first up is i am so blessed being with my children, whom i love so dearly. being with them and getting to see them grow up everyday, was such a sight to see. cirscumtances might have changed a lot in our lives but nothing beats being with them everyday, getting to see their every antics, naughtiness and what have you. it was such a joy seeing them grow and see the changes that they undergo. they may have not totally adapted to the changes that have happened in our life but i can see that they are getting there, we all are... i likewise have been blessed with a relatively good health this year, relatively because there have been instances where i have been down with the flu but its just about that and nothing serious so to speak. i have also been blessed by having to know some really, really great people and friends in the community where i serve, CFC-FFL and the Servants for Family & Life. they have all been there for me and my kids without really asking them to. i also have been blessed to have spoken to and touch base with my dad whom i have not spoken to in a long while, i am happy that he is doing well and in the best of health. i feel blessed also that i was able to see life in another perspective. the Lord has really opened up a lot of things in my life and helped me to see hope amidst all the uncertainties and made me see and reflect in a lot of things. one can never really hide anything from Him, He makes you see things that are hidden and makes you understand things that are really hard to comprehend. anyway, have a merry christmas and a peaceful, blessed, prosperous and prayerful new year to y'all!!!

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PinayWAHM said...

What a relief to see you're still intact after all you've been through.

I can only commend you my friend for keeping it together and seeing the bright side of things. How I wish more people will have the same outlook in life as yours.

Stay safe! Great to read an update here every now and then!

More blessings in 2010 to you and your loved one!