Sunday, March 7, 2010

rain, rain, rain

there hasn't been a drop of rain since the start of the year and we are now beginning to feel its effects. there has been rotating brownouts of at least 5-6 hours per day and its really getting into the nerves of some people, me included. the power company expects it to get much worst and if the rains don't come this may or earlier, the power deficit may get much worst. at present, we are having power shortages of up to 400 mw and its still early march! i dread at the thought of what will happen if this continues. a great portion of the whole country is practically dependent on hydro power so water is a must to get these power plants working. i also wish that the government has contingency plans regarding this... and government people are so busy now with the elections coming this may and hopefully, they won't focus much on it (the elections) and instead put to task some people to look for alternative power sources to address the huge shortage the country is experiencing now. agricultural food sources are greatly affected already, rice and other staples included, and is expected to post record prices due to its scarcity plus some medium and small scale bussinesses are already reeling from the effects of these power outages. here in mindanao, there is really no pronounced dry season as compared to luzon because rain is well scattered all throughout the year, supposedly, but now its different... last year, january to be exact, came the rains which practically submerged our city rendering thousands of people homeless and moving to higher grounds with damages running into the hundreds of millions of pesos. this year has been the exact opposite. DRY! so my dear friends, i ask you to please storm the heavens and include us all in your prayers so that the rains will come early this year, not so much so that we'll all go under water again, but just enough so that farmers can plant again and this power outages will be restored back to normal. ciao!


PinayWAHM said...

Hey Bong! I just now had the chance to swing by here. Weather is weird everywhere. Here, it rains for days then boom, biglang wala. Part of the East coast eh binagyo while we were having great weather here.

Anyway, I'll include you in my prayers. I know how it is when it's the brownout season there. Kahirap!

Stay well!


Tita Beng said...

Hi Bong! Welcome back to Blogland!
Yeah I've been hearing the news regarding the power shortages in Mindanao. We have brown-outs here too, but I think it's not as bad as what you have there. We already had some drops of rains here. Hopefully, you'll have it soon.

Will pray for you and the while Mindanao! Keep smilin'!