Wednesday, February 16, 2011

An open letter to my Son

hi anak... as you celebrate your birthday today, let me just put into writing some thoughts that came to mind of late. 14 years ago today, you came into this world and lit up my life with your presence. you were heaven sent to us then and still is today... God's loving answer to our prayers. you know back then, your mom was having difficulty conceiving due to an abnormality in her system... but the Lord was so good then that He granted us our hearts desire, that is to have children and gave us not only you but your two other siblings as well. Our Lord is always good and loving that despite of our different life now, you are still and will always be my little angel... well not so little na siguro. hehehe!

you are a teenager now anak... and i always marvel at the very fast rate of your growth... soon you will be taller than me. maybe a wee bit taller than your tito dennis when you reach your full growth. at this stage of your life, there will be many things that you might be curious about... just remember to ask yourself first this question before anything else: is it the right thing to do? if the answer falls on the affirmative, go! walang problema! if its the other way around, DON'T! kasi magkakaron ng problema. it is that simple. things might have been a whole lot different with me if i was able to ask myself that question back in the days... anyway, that will be another story in itself and hoping will not see print anywhere.

on the occassion of your birthday... let me just say these 2 things to you... people will forget what you have done, what you have said... but people will never forget how you made them feel. true wealth is not measured by the number of cars you have in the garage, or how big your house is nor how fat is your bank account... true wealth comes from the number of people who loves you and cares for you not because of something, but because you are you.

lastly, am so thankful that you are also into community life now, keep on serving our Lord in the best way you can... try to be a good example not just to your "adings" but to everybody you know. happy birthday anak... love you always!



PinayWAHM said...

Hey Bong! Naligaw lang po ako...clicking names in my blog list at random....hehehe...

What a great letter to your son. I'm sure he appreciates it now but I'm pretty certain, it will be appreciated a lot more when he's a lot older. Don't you wish we have this kind of tech when we were growing up. It will be a blast reading an 'open letter' like this from my Nanay and/or my Tatang. Hayy....

Anyhooo.....gotta go...lam mo...kunwari bisi! Toink!


angela martinez said...

nicely said bro...i'm sure ur son is proud to have a wonderful father like u :)