Tuesday, September 6, 2011


The invitation came during our regular Household meeting (fraternal) and since I am looking at a long holiday, I decided to tag along (with the Core Group) to Maramag, Bukidnon for the Mindanao Servant Leader’s Conference. I was thinking I’d take the time off for a much needed “breather”, away from the grinds of daily life at least for one day… well being a single parent to 3 kids is not easy and leaving them (my kids) for one whole day is a struggle in itself. Anyway, the Lord beckons and I was just answering to His call about my presence in the said activity.

I wasn’t expecting much out of this trip except that it would be a great opportunity to meet up with fellow servant’s from all over Mindanao and share news and stories as regards to their progress in the evangelization efforts in their respective area’s, district’s or ministry’s. I reckon that there will be or should be a reporting of some kind for the us (the participants) to see where we are now in our work for God’s kingdom here in Mindanao.

The day started off with a praise and worship lead by our very own, Bro. Rollie dela Cruz as worship leader. Afterwards, was the recollection/ team building by Bro. Gary Faustino, our PFO. The initial activity was very relaxing… a series of reflection activities with the participants being asked to close eyes and reflect on certain Bible passages… now the majority of participants coming from long drives from different parts of Mindanao, the activity proved to be a welcome respite with many of the participants being lulled into sleep by a succession of breathing exercises prior to the reflections. The activity in itself is refreshing and reflective on one’s relationship with the Lord…

All in all, I came to this conference basically “empty”, not much expectations so to speak… actually the emptying” came much, much earlier. And the experience proved to be “infilling” … in following our Lord by taking up our own cross (es), we must empty ourselves of everything… our luxuries, comforts, our worries and even experiences, practically everything. Because at every stop of our spiritual journey with the Lord, we are to be filled. Such as my “stop” here at Maramag. I went home re-energized, refilled and inspired at the urgency of doing God’s work here at our area.

Thank you Maramag, thank you Bro Gary and above all, thank you Lord for the “REFILL”. Looking forward to another Jesus experience next year. See y’all in Tandag City.

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