Thursday, March 8, 2012

Seeing God...

i recount in the olden days when life was in abundance, when everything was fine and when everything was smooth sailing. was God there? sure He was! but His presence was largely iconic. just someone to thank for things that are aplenty. to some, He was not even there. His presence was never felt because one has got a good grip on things, one has belief in his own capacity to make things work out. one's mind is so convoluted with the "i can" attitude hence the need for God's presence.

on the other hand, when life brings you down on your knees and drastically changes everything, was God there? was He even there when close to a thousand homes got washed away by flash floods in the dead of night? thousand of lives lost in an instant. was He there on a night where you went to sleep on an empty stomach? was He there for those experiencing poverty and hardship? was He there for those who are in great pain and suffering? His presence really gets cloudy amidst all these... but was He even there???

to fully understand the answer, it is necessary to believe in God and a better life after all these. it is also important to understand that God allows all things to happen and He has good reasons for everything. and surely, He was there! His presence is like "our refuge and strength, a very present help in times of need" (psalm 46:1). God uses situations to work differently in our lives. He makes things happen so that one can learn from the lessons and do better in the future. sometimes, He causes things to happen to make us shift our attention from the trivial pursuits to the true and real values of life. He is, after all, "a strong tower" (pro. 18:10), where one can run to and be safe. all these are but opportunities for us to turn to Him, after all, our God is a righteous God, He is just, He is fair, He is perfect and He knows best.

how about you, have you seen God lately?

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