Friday, August 22, 2008

Growing Up!

I can’t help but be amazed at the very fast rate my eldest son is growing up. I was looking at him today and it seems like it was only yesterday that I was cradling him in my arms. WHEW! Time sure does fly. He is a boy of 11 years now and starting to get so conscious of his looks that taking a bath, dressing up and looking himself up at the mirror seems to take forever. He’s even discarded his Batman and Spiderman tees for a more casual and mature looking clothes and of late has been going crazy trying to style his hair ala Johnny Depp. Loads his top with tons of hairstyling gel and walks ever so slowly so as not to ruin his funny looking hairstyle that looks like a bed of thorns! Hahaha. Funny, but I was the exact opposite when I was at his age… and he peppers me with questions like, when and at what age does hair appear on my armpits, under his nose and any other place where hair grows? Is my “Adam’s Apple” protruding already on my throat? Did my shoulder broaden already? All of which I try to answer truthfully and honestly. One time, I was busy doing something and he starts battering me with his growing up questions and I say rather annoyingly: “Why you so concerned about these things and why are you so in a hurry to grow up?” He didn’t answer my question but I told him that: in time, you will grow up to be a fine young man and all these questions will eventually be answered… in time. Now he may not be that satisfied with the way I answered his questions but I try to answer them truthfully and in such a way that I may be easily understood by an 11 ear old boy. Perhaps children of today’s generation maybe totally different from my time with all these techie gadgets and toys that they go crazy about. Cellphones, Mp3 players, Xboxes, laptops, internet, friendster, MTG, pokemon, etc, etc, etc. During my time it was sipa, taguan, jolens, patintero, siyato and tex and tirador. WOW! Even toys and games do evolve. I think somebody out there will agree with me that the games then were a lot better than all the stuff kids nowadays are playing with. Well, I just hope that the kids of today will likewise learn to play the games that I grew up playing with. Signs of the times………………….


raptured dreams said...

happy weekend to you Bonglfo.. just passing by here
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Ilocana said...

Huh, you just reminded me,, I played sepa and patintero too when I was a kid. Sepa is more like a boy's play/game and I usually get into trouble playing with it coz I'm a girl. But yeah, there's a lot of fun playing those games.. As for the generation of today, I think our old or traditional games is already overshadowed by these hi-tech games and other gadgets and they prefer these stuffs coz they're the ones that are INs or "sikat".. I don't know but whenever we go back and visit there, I'll try to make a point that my kids would be able to try and play those. The last time we went home, my son who was just 3yrs old at that time enjoyed riding the carabao, playing with dirt, stones and soda caps ^_^.