Saturday, November 22, 2008

Gifts for Kids

thinking about gifts for the little one's this christmas... here's something that might help you decide on what to buy.

1. Educational toys - These toys teach children problem solving techniques, from the simple one's to the more complex. These kind develops logical thinking and improves our kid's observation skills.

2. Bicycles and other ride-ons - These promote fitness and reinforces a child's fondness for outdoor activities. just be sure to check the safety equipment that goes along with it. in my time, i've gotten one as a reward for having good grades in school and safety gears were not in vogue yet at that time. i've had my share of cuts, scratches and bruises but then its all part of growing up.

3. Puzzles - this type challenges the child's ingenuity. it teaches the recognition of patterns and increases their deduction skills. my favorite pastime as a kid growing up. the kind that you get to do alone on a lazy afternoon while waiting for the guys to come out and play.

children nowadays are very fortunate as they have these kinds of toys available which can teach and train them on many things. in my time, it was all wooden guns, sipa, tumbang preso and that sotdrink bottle cap which we flatten and insert strings with and spins. we would sharpen the edges and battle it out until a string cuts loose. my friends and i always had a blast playing that game. and one more thing, before deciding on what toys to get for the little one's, make sure that the toy would be approriate for your child's age, otherwise, your child might not thoroughly reap its benefits. or worse, it may just end up as something that your child will dismember and eventually will just add clutter to his/her room. and lastly, those old and beat up toys can still be of use... donate them to orphanages or abandoned child institutions or the underprivileged who may not have something to give to their kids this christmas. Share y'all!


renet13 said...

I think my kids would look forward to a well spent family time with home made pop corns, snacks while watching home movie. Nid to train them family time is more meaningful than any gift we could give them which is only materialistic.

Small Footprints said...

Very nice list ... great ideas. Now ... can you help us with the adults on our list? :)

Small Footprints

Pinay WAHM said...

Again, very noteworthy post you have here. You may not blog daily but when you do, it's something worth reading! Way to go, my friend.

You brought up a lot of childhood memories with the toys of the 'olden days'...We used to collect candy wrappers, tamarind seeds and cigarette packs....grabe those were the days. Today, kids mostly stay in the house to play PS or computer....dati tumbang preso at taguan at patintero. Hay...those were the days...

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