Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tale of TWO Brains

I had a good laugh watching this and i would like to share it with all of you dear readers. its been a while that i had a really good one.
So! watch and laugh your heart out or better yet, laugh until you cry.


Pinay WAHM said...

Hey Bong....

Need I say Man are from Mars and Women are from Venus? LOL....that's indeed funny.

It's great to see you back to blogging kahit paunti unti lang. So you're a chef pala. My 3 brothers all like to cook but not as good as you I bet kasi nowhere near na pang restaurant yung kanilang creations.....

The Logan video is really touching. I'm glad you think so too. Yung mga inosenteng katulad nya ang kailangan natin paminsan minsan to realize how lucky we are.

Take care, ok? Hopefully you're starting to get 'there'.....


renet13 said...

Hi Bro Bong,
the video is sooo true about MAN & WOMAN..did u show your charming wife?
I really do hope things wrk out well & include u in my prayers.

take care..everything in life happen for a reason.

Cheer up ok.

Pinay WAHM said...

Hop hop hop! Musta ang weekend? Mine is a downer kasi I have shingles...bulutong pang matanda daw. I guess matanda na talaga ako...hahaha.

Actually the doctor was surprised to see me have it kasi nga most of the time seniors daw ang nagkaka shingles. Oh well...I just hope the little one won't catch it..

Enjoy your weekend as I try to enjoy ours here....


Pinay WAHM said...

Thanks much sa hop Bong! Ako eto namamasyal kahit hindi pa magaling...haha. The weekend was fine. I tried to do some work and rest some na din but it gets boring not doing anything.

Thanks for the nice comment sa aming unica hija. She's a really sweet kid. The best I can do is to instill whatever pinoy values I can sa kanya kasi there's nowhere to learn it from but me.

The bulutong is still here. Wala ng bagong tumubo so hopefully unti unti ng mawawala. It's not a lot actually kasi sa may kaliwang binti lang since it's just shingle...parang left-over na bulutong which I had when I was young. I guess the anti-viral med the doc gave me helped to minimize the outbreak also.

O siya...enjoy the week.