Saturday, December 13, 2008

whose fault?

why is it that people tend to find fault in others... is it because people are naturally fault finder's or they just find fault for the heck of it. we sometimes would like to speak our minds, to tell the world how we feel, or simply how we are and how we do in our daily lives. seldom can you find someone that would be willing to listen, much less, sit down and talk about all these things. when you do something, or like when you say something that touches a nerve, why do people react so wildly? is it because that something that you said maybe the truth, and that knowing the truth hurts. has it ever occurred to you sometimes of how tired you are? of how sick you are with the way life is treating you? how you wished that your life was running the other way around? and how you wish there would be a surefire way to get out of these and fast. the only way that i do know, and is as surefire to workout is to come before JESUS, our Lord, our Savior and Redeemer. He alone heals, He alone forgives, purifies and blesses us whatever our life is turning out to be. so in this season of Christmas, let us all take time to reflect on our lives and our actions of the past year and take this opportune time to come before our Lord in reconciliation. it doesn't matter whether it's your fault or somebody else' . Merry Christmas y'all! God bless us.


eugene said...

bro,in my opinion those faults finders are someone who suffer from inferior complex,do the best we can do is not to attract their attention.

btw,bro how is your kasal. i pray that everything is going great for you,,,, hey you have not posted your chilren pictures before,have you?

take care now bro, hope to hear from you

Cyra Miles Valdez said...

I agree with Eugene... great insecurities consumed them and they became a monster 'fault finders'.

Pinay WAHM said...

Hi Bong....

I try to steer clear of those kind of people as they don't do me any good. I think some people thrive in being miserable, unfortunately.

Thanks for the visits my friend. I've been quite busy lately so I have not been blogging & hopping as much. But as usual, you make my visit it here worth my while with your very 'real' posts....keep it up.

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