Monday, May 14, 2012

thanks much y'all for the birthday greetings. thanks too for those who remembered my birthday but didn't care to greet, hahahahahaha! well, what can i say... am overwhelmed to say the least by all the greetings, and just so thankful to the Lord that i was able to reach 46. looking back in the days, i didn't even think then that i was gonna reach this age. sa dami ba naman ng utang ko sa tulog, pagkain, bisyo, atbp... for those who really know me, maybe y'all are wondering how come this old man is still standing. well, let me share with you a little secret... it all started way back in 96 when i entered the renewal and committed myself into a covenant with our Lord. since then, every year of my life has been a blessing... a blessing of His reassuring Love year in and year out. and all the more reinforced this year with His very calming presence in my life and the life of my children. i say "calming" because with the numerous storms that crossed paths with me, He was always there with His assurance that eventually things will come to pass. somethings blow hot, some, blow cold. but whatever it is, the Lord always has His way in my life. knowing Him and coming to a deeper, personal relationship with Him kept me healthy. imagine sporting a 44 inch waistline just a few years back. and now, proudly wears a 37-38 size with no help from meds or anything. wala na kasi makain kaya pumayat! hahahahahahaha! but really, God's reassuring love made it all happen for me. and now that i have reach this age and getting nearer to 50, i dare say... BRING IT ON!

again, thanks y'all for the greetings. God bless and praying that God's reassuring love be felt by you all!

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