Thursday, June 21, 2012

the evolution of a ministry

was cleaning the laptop with old files and chanced upon this piece which should have been posted last april, hahahaha! totally forgot about this one. am posting this anyway as it tells of my experiences at the 5th World Servant's Congress 

The 5th World Servant’s Congress was held last Mar 23-25, 2012 at the Bukal ng Tipan Hall, Maryhill Retreat House, Antipolo, Rizal. The congress was well attended by brethren from all over Metro Manila and the provinces as far south as Cag. de Oro and was truly international with the presence of delegates from Singapore and Spain. This year’s theme, Buhay na Buhay sa Servant’s amplified the “new” evangelization going on in the ministry. So vibrant is the sight of young people… young men and women alike living it up to the very impressive praise music by the ministry’s own SOLD OUT Band led by Bro. Bambi Urgino on lead vocals/guitar, Bro. Boy Katigbak on bass and likewise, the International Coordinator for the ministry, Bro. Pompoy Dinglasan on percussions, who is as sprightly as always and a sight to behold playing the percussions, bro Blue on lead guitar, bro. jun on drums, sis Sandra on back up vocals and another bro on keyboards whose name escapes me now. Listening to them and seeing the young brethren whooping it up made me feel like I was in the wrong congress, think it was more like the World Singles Congress at Silang, Cavite. But It was indeed the World Servants Congress. This was supposed to be the congress of single “mature” men, widowers, separateds and those who are, to borrow the words of Bro. Boy Katigbak, on  “pre departure area”, men who are in the twilight of their lives, men on maintenance meds and men who limp when they walk on account of arthritis or gout. But not anymore… we are not anymore the ministry of those waiting for the final call slip from the Lord and truly, the addition of these young brethren, young men and women from the Corporate Evangelization has painted a new color to the life of the ministry. Our youngest member who is 17 years old, yes! You heard it right… seventeen! He wants to be in the company of men of wisdom and who, incidentally, wants to be a priest. O ‘wag na kayo papalag… hahahahaha!

The ministry truly has evolved… To some, what was once a dry, lifeless ministry is now vibrant, energetic, and lively as ever.  And surely, the theme for this year’s congress aptly describes the “new” Servants for Family and Life, Buhay na Buhay sa Servant’s! the leading of the Lord is very clear to many of those present, myself included, and with the “new ministries” born out of the SvFL, the Migrant Workers Ministry, the Parish Evangelization Program and the ministry’s own Corporate Evangelization promises a new light in the horizon for all of us. There is much work to be done… and the congress magnified the blessings and guidance of the Lord. And a great majority of those present seemed up to task for the work entrusted to us by the Lord. The ministry has been truly blessed with a very able servant, in the person of Bro. Boy Katigbak and an indefatigable backup of a core of elders in the persons of, Bros. Butch Sinconugue, Ces Lorenzo, Ando Ferrer, Pompoy Dinglasan, Pidiong Damaso, Reggie Nery and sub ministry servants. Bro. Jun de Vera for the Parish Evangelization Program, Bro. Rocky for the Migrant Workers Ministry and Bro. Ces Lorenzo for the Corporate Ministry.

The weekend Jesus experience with fellow servant’s will long be treasured and remembered not for the many who were in attendance but for the love of the Lord which were manifested all throughout the 3 day retreat. This piece seeks to thank, Fr. Arlo Yap, for the meaningful exposition of the blessed sacrament, all the fulltime workers who were in attendance, Angel Bangaysiso, Anna Arcaya, Khyme Esteban, Bobby Tagulinao, and 3 more whose names I forgot… aaarrggghhh! Senior moments again… hahahaha! But seriously, the entire service team is to be lauded for a job well done. Accommodations were great, food is ok, the sessions are well spaced and activities are organized. It was a congress really worth remembering!

For next year, 2013, the congress will be hosted by the district of cavite and with the way the 5th congress came and went, the 6th is really something to look forward to. See y’all in cavite.    


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